Hair Transplant In Pakistan

Hair transplant jungle is website from you can get online hair transplantation surgery of your head because now a days its a big problem for everyone. Its a fact that now a days younger boys age of just 16 years also have the same problem for hair falling and i wanna told you i am also one of them who is suffering from this viral problem. So there is a mostly question about why hair falls so every one gives a different options blood speed, inheritance and many other lame excuses but the answer is only the God knows that why this is happening.

Hair Transplant Price In Pakistan

We are offering a cheapest and best hair transplant in pakistan only the price is just 30 rs per hair and minimum we are offering 2000 hairs means 60000 rs you need to come with for your surgery.

Is There Any Side Effect Of Hair Transplantation

There are 2 types of surgeries one is fut and second is fue so according to us fut is very dangerous because you will get cut in your head and second is fue that is without cut so fut have side effects but fue is normal.

Our Doctors are the number one doctors in Pakistan so you will get awesome results we did not look on money we look on our patient results.

Watch video of operation it will tell you how you will get operate

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